TG microscope mode limitations?

Started Aug 30, 2019 | Discussions thread
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Re: TG microscope mode limitations?

vegasdood wrote:

Really, really great pics....once many people scream for a 1" sensor for this particular camera...I disagree....people that know how to use this camera can really achieve fantastic results. Nice work!

Thanks!  It's part of a larger TG-6 macro collection I have at:

I agree with you about the sensor size.  Small sensors actually have some advantages over large sensors which most don't realize.   My dad has a Sony RX10 IV (1 inch sensor) and it is very difficult to take macro photos with that.  The minimum focus distance is often very far from the subject which forces you to use strong zoom (which hurts focus) and makes the flash much less effective.  Then of course there are DOF issues with bigger sensors because they use wider fields of view.  With the TG-6 I can get extremely close to the subject and get a great flash fill that I can't with other cameras.

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