Q2 Monochrome conversion

Started Aug 21, 2019 | Discussions thread
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Re: Q2 Monochrome conversion

Great picture! Did you take BW straight from the camera or converted it from color later on? Any tips on BW conversion?

An issue with monochrome is having to pick a color filter before the shot.  Used to carry yellow and green filter for shooting BW films, but found it trouble some.

Downsampling from 47MP color during BW conversion with channel mixers offer a lot more flexibility than monochrome sensor.  Big part of BW fun is tweaking picture post.  I suppose my opinion is more in line with Adams than HCB.

On the other hand, one can argue 246 offers more "true resolution" and and DR, especially at high ISO.  The noise and DR of Q2 at high ISO are pretty bad, but clean up very well after down sampling to 24MP, which is somewhat more comparable to 246 IQ.

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