TG microscope mode limitations?

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Re: TG microscope mode limitations?

With the help gained from this thread I've been experimenting with the various TG4 microscope modes along with the LED and flash ring lights. There've been some decent results but I need to stabilise the camera better, which can be difficult when it's parked low down on a mossy bank trying to focus on a strange fungus, even on the mini tripod.  The lack of a tilt screen doesn't help.

I've acquired also the wrap-around wired shutter release cable & button, which works quite well if the wrap-around strap is kept tight. It does make it slightly awkward to change settings though on the camera, where the strap overlaps the 4-way control toggle.

One aspect that's a bit hit and miss is getting the right DoF in the two multiple-shot microscope modes. I focus on the leading edge of whatever I'm photographing, as the Olympus blurb indicates that the refocusing of each shot moves the focus point outwards from the initial focus point. This generally works but sometimes the DoF is too great. It would be best if the mushroom, for example, was in focus front to back but still differentiated by a blurred background.

There's no hard data about how much the focus point is shifted in the two multiple shot microscope modes and for the various settings (10, 20, 30 shutter releases with narrow, normal and wide changes). So, my question:

Does anyone know of any hard data giving the values for the focus changes from the initial focus point, for these various focus stacking modes on the TG4? I can't find any at Olympus websites nor anywhere else.

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to buy a TG6. 


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