D-Pads - does anyone really not use them?

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Re: D-Pads - does anyone really not use them?

There isn't really a right or wrong answer to this. There are different user groups who will prefer one or the other. Putting both on the same body is probably more expensive to manufacture and Fuji might not be happy with the design/control scheme.

It really depends on the breadth of functions you use on your camera. I usually navigate few parameters and find the Q menu fine. (But I understand that it covers the whole screen, where the D-Pad would not.) On my X-E2, I used the D-Pad for AF point selection only. As a result, the X-E3's joystick is a leap forward for me, personally. Since I didn't have any short cuts on the D-Pad, I also don't use the swipe gestures.

But how you like to use your camera is such a personal preference, I am not surprised to find that you'll find as many opinions as you'll find people.

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