90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: Your Guess May Well Be Correct. I Have Hedged My Bets.

RogerZoul wrote:

I've heard a lot of people say that the full frame bodies like the 5d3 and 5d4 have better AF than the 7D2, but I personally do not find this to be so easily said, not to mention proven. Of course, IQ is another matter entirely when the light gets low.

There is plenty of room for irrelevant, falsely interpreted experience here.

First of all, if the focus issue of concern is about higher pixel density cameras being slightly out of focus, then this may well be illusion. The fact is, the higher the pixel density, the less the pixels will mask an inexact exposure. It may well be that there are slight misses with the larger pixels, too, which are never seen because the larger pixels can't resolve the difference between perfectly-focused, and almost-perfectly-focused. This is not a quality of larger pixels; it is a weakness that is usually hidden by the irrational, human habit of viewing at 100% pixel view, regardless of how many pixels make the desired final image.

Secondly, if AF is not an end in itself, but something that happens at a certain desired level of pixels-on-subject with the same lens, then we must always consider that TCs must be applied to cameras with low-density sensors, and AF ability then drops. People often forget this when they say that a large-pixel and/or large-sensor camera has better AF.

I may whine a bit about how much my 7D2 hunts, especially at f/8, and how there is only one AF point and 4 helpers at f/8, but I am pretty certain that the 1Dx-series cameras and the 5D4 don't do much of anything, as far as OVF AF is concerned, at f/11!

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