90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

thomste wrote:

Thanks, that's what I thought....

Was thinking the same thing and wondering... it seems that the 5DIV pixels at 100% are 'better' than those of the 7DII (at 100%). Doesn't this compensate (partly?) for the effects of the converter on the 5DIV?

No.  Assuming we are standing at the same distance from the subject, and the same main lens is used, the 7D2 gets better optics without the TC, compared to the 5D4 with the TC - the same main lens with TC aberration added to the 5D4.  The 5D4 with the TC does actually put a little bit more pixels-on-subject, though, so it goes both ways.  Put a 90D in there, though, instead of a 7D2, and now the 90D gets more pixels on subject than the 5D4, plus less aberration.  The question then is how 5D4 AF is, at 1.4x the open f-ratio used by the 90D.

Using the model that LeeJay mentioned, where the TC modifies the sensor, rather than the lens we get:

7D2: 20.2MP 1.6x crop

90D: 32.5MP 1.6x crop

5D4 x 1.4x: 30MP 1.4x crop -> 23MP 1.6x crop , with a 1.4x f-number factor reducing or eliminating AF ability.

r is it too late here for me to think

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