Impromptu Birding...

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Re: Impromptu Birding...

KPM2 wrote:

Hello robbo d

I like bird pictures which have also a nice background, and yours are very nice.

On the other hand, at my 24'' monitor, the pictures show that, what I never liked at the K3, this pattern structure when you use higher ISO's. Your pictures are so nice, I, personally, would use a denoised picture, where the background lost this pattern structure on that way, combining with your picture, where the bird's structure is sharp do to not using much denoise, and would use them as layers and would use your bird in your pictures and the background of the denoised pictures.

best regards. KPM2

Thanks KPM2,

Yes, I totally agree, the K3 has my least favourite Pentax files due to noise.

The processing was a quick effort in LR5, but I purposely kept NR nil or very small to preserve the bird feather details.

I'm very happy with the images, however i'll have to decide how much time I want to spend in PP to make them any better.

Layering is not my best art form.... 

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