the future is m43.

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Re: The future is talentless

NCV wrote:

I do not quite know how to reply to this post in that I do not know if my reaction to this thread is negative or positive.

I have done this sort of photography at a professionale level, but with film. I well know all the problems involved.

If I want to be positive; well a series of closely spaced frames around the peak moment makes things very much easier for the photographer; he no longer has to anticipate the "moment" when the dancers are in perfect equilibrium. Another hard leant skill is made redundant for better or worse.

On the negative, I shudder to think about the task of going through 10800 pictures after a shoot. With film I generally shot 10 rolls, which means 360 pictures to chose from.

I just wonder if removing all the "tension" that a "traditional" photographer faces shooting a dance show might lead to lazy framing and technique. My best shots often came from the most challenging shooting situations.

BTW Taking pictures from a feed will soon be a feature of mirrorless cameras of all formats, it is not possible already.

Dance photography like some other types of photography is a specialized sector where certain skills are needed to partake at a professional level.

Do you really want the technology to progress to a point where the parents of the dancers are able to take shots, just as good as those you take because technology has removed all the skills from the task? Then the dance school will not need your skills any longer, they will just ask all the parents in the audience to "share" on Facebook.

I Always managed to get more than enough "publishable" shots from 360 frames. So do we really need 10800 frames?

Excellent thoughts.

Will we reach a point where technology replace talent?

It's the same in music, where computer AI is able to compose world class songs.

Frightening... I don't like this trend

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