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Re: That dream has occurred a thousandfold...

Raist3d wrote:

spider-mario wrote:

Doug Janis wrote:

The real kicker though is price. They are 25% the size of the FF competition, so adding in capacity like 60fps, pro and high res, etc., is just masking the overall sensor issue. All mirrorless can or will have exactly this same features eventually if the market demands.

Can they, though? 60fps requires a fast readout speed, which is more easily attained with smaller sensors. The only FF camera that I know of with a faster readout speed than the E-M1 II (and yet, still no 60fps) is the Sony A9, and it:

  1. pays for it in terms of dynamic range;
  2. costs more than twice the price.

But the A9 is actually an EM1X competitor, at least for action. And it still keeps better IQ than the EM1X and better AF.

Size and weight is more similar to the EM1mkII which is smaller, lighter, and half the price.  Yes, slightly "better AF" though FW3 really closed that gap under C-AF conditions, but certainly not twice as good as the price suggests.  DR and overall IQ at equivalence is negligible.  The Sony drops to 12-bit in burst mode.  The Sony can be paired with large expensive lenses that exceed the mFT shooting envelope sure but we're talking a BIG difference in size/cost at that point.

As for the can they? Hey, tech marches forward. Apparently the A9ii is coming. We'll see what they do and also if so, where the price of the A9 lands.

Will certainly be interesting where they price the A9II.  Will have to be a significant improvement in ergonomics, handling and weather-sealing for me to buy another A9 series.  The internals are great but the A9 is really difficult to use with gloves and large lenses.

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