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where I do see a problem is the last sentence where you mention bigger, heavier and priced For some models and a range of focal lengths, that’s not quite the case This is unfortunate but it’s the train both Olympus and Panasonic have chosen

They've only gone that route, because the small/light/cheaper -and better quality options as well, are already nicely covered.

No, they are not. They don't use the better sensor, don't have PDAF, have other compromises. That's the problem. Then on top of that at the tier of competitors they look dated.

Competitors at which price point?

under $1k tier.

No Fuji has weather sealing for less than $1000.

True but neither does Olympus in a modern camera.

lol who defines "modern"?  You?  Tilt screens and IBIS have been around for some time and Fuji doesn't even offer them on several of the models you're promoting.

Fuji offers 2 cameras with IBIS...one for for $1000 and weighs 673g, the other for $10k lol.

IBIS only gets you so far, where AF, DR./ISO takes more priority in many situations.

At equivalence the DR/ISO argument is out the window.  Aside from the XT3 and XT30, I'm not sure anyone would choose a cheap Fuji for AF prowess lol

The one for $1k beats hand-idly the EM1X at doing video and stills while still being smaller. So don't laugh too hard

Not if it's handheld video lol.  There must be a reason the XH1 price has dropped like a rock since launch...and I think it's a very good camera.

Want a Sony with weather sealing? Ha! Want a Sony with IBIS? $1000. Want a Fuji that shoots 4K 30? $700.

$700 doesn't sound too bad. What exactly Olympus has here that is modern and small?

There are 7 cameras in the mFT lineup for less than $700.  When Fuji finally catches up with simple things like IBIS we'll talk about modern.

If all you want is new and shiny, then right at this minute, new and shiny means bigger.

It's not about new and shiny, but about being competitive with the current level of tech. For example, you could get a Fuji X-E3 and in a nice range of focals, you compete in size and weight rather well, and in price.

Can I get one with a Bayer sensor, tilt screen and IBIS?

You can get one that has 24 MP, no AA filter, better DR, ISO, better 4k, better AF.

So no tilt screen or IBIS right?  "Better AF" is highly subjective.

Or you can get an X-T30 for similar price, nice weight, 26 MP, even better AF, better 4k.

And still saddled with X-trans and poor ergonomics for larger lenses.

No, no Bayer sensor, but that has its own pros too, not all cons.

So the answer is "Fuji doesn't make it".  The XT30 is a fine camera if one is willing to put up with X-trans and the flat/thin body style.

But, and it's a big but, we have options. Lots and lots of options. Way more than any Canikon have to offer in mirrorless at the moment.

I am not looking at Canon nor Nikon, but competitors like Fuji and Sony. Lots of options indeed

Options? Sure, but largely dependent on priorities. Fuji can be small and light if you're willing to live with the compromises.

Er. Apparently that's the problem of m43rds lately too. Point is, where are the modern small m43rds? A fuji X-E3 or X-T30 are quite modern, small and affordable.

Modern?  They don't even offer IBIS and the XE3 has a fixed screen!  Then add up the size/price of the standard primes (35,50,85 and throw in a 135 or macro), mFT is cheaper and lighter.

Unfortunately their zooms are large and overpriced and their fastest primes lack weather sealing and are handicapped by slow/loud focus.

Not all primes. And the AF of Fuji has improved. Even the old XF35 F1.4 does pretty well on an X-E3, to my own surprise when I tried it.

The f/2 primes are faster, WR and virtually silent.  The 1.4's are in dire need of an update.

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