90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: Your Guess May Well Be Correct. I Have Hedged My Bets.

RogerZoul wrote:

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I have another guess.....there will be no 7DIII.

I can understand how those who are vested and love their 7Ds can hope for an upgrade. I am not vested and with more objectivity I doubt there will be one.

Your guess may well be correct.

If there is no 7D III, well, I am already prepared. I bought a 5Ds R, in early 2016, which has as much “reach” as a 7D II, thanks to the pixel density, and AF that seems more capable than the 7D II, at least in some conditions. I added a 5D IV, in early 2018, which has noticeably better AF than the 7D II. Neither of these have the frame rate of the 7D II, and the 5Ds R does not have nearly the buffer depth, but, I still have my two 7D II cameras.

I have not been able to confidently decide that that AF in the 5D4 is better than that in the 7D2. The main reason is that the image you see in the 7D2 is larger (well, a crop of) what you see in the 5D4 and also the AF point spread covers a greater percentage of the frame. That means, for me, that I have better placement of the AF points and the points seem to cover my subjects better. Also, since the 5D4 is not only slower than the 7D2, it also fires off slower too, so getting results with it seems much harder to me.

I've heard a lot of people say that the full frame bodies like the 5d3 and 5d4 have better AF than the 7D2, but I personally do not find this to be so easily said, not to mention proven. Of course, IQ is another matter entirely when the light gets low.

Interesting. I don't have the 5DIV, but find the 7DII better than I expected after having read a lot on the 7DII's jittery and unreliable AF. Also I read a lot about the FF bodies having "much better" AF than the 7DII, but am weary of any comparison between APS-C and FF, be it IQ or AF. APS-C simply has the significantly greater magnification, so any comparison should be done with the FF body in 1.6 crop (being a huge crop) against the full, uncropped 7DII frame, which I highly doubt is the case in these comparisons. Most likely, people just form an opinion in use of the camera, and over time, FF may well leave the better impression, because people will likely adjust their shooting or lens choice to go along with the larger sensor. In any event, even when it is about 2 APS-C bodies: the body with the highest pixel density will always reveal flaws more easily. I still remember the Sony APS-C jump from 16 to 24 mp. People were complaining for a year or so about the images not being sharp with the new 24mp sensor. The FF 5DIV is even below the old Sony 16mp crop sensor in pixel density....

These four Canon DSLRs are a capable “team,” complementing each other. I do very little high-volume continuous shooting, so, these cameras will probably remain serviceable for quite some time. I can use Canon DSLRs, while biding my time, for Canon’s EOS R system to mature. (Actually, I like the EOS RP, and may buy one, though it is not anywhere close to being a 7D II replacement.)

Then, there is Nikon, my second system. My wife became dedicated to Nikon, when she was ready to commit to digital, for her personal shooting. Her employer issued Nikon DSLR cameras, so she became accustomed to them. It made, and still makes financial sense, to be able to share Nikon lenses, especially for our common interest, bird photography. I had bought pre-owned, prior-model Nikon DSLRs, starting in 2014, and in early 2018, after I retired, the cheque for my unused, accumulated “comp time” was enough to fund my new D5.

I doubt that I will buy a 90D, if there is no 7D III. As attrition eventually claims my 7D II cameras, life will continue. One adapts to unwanted change; such is life. Already, I am more likely to use my EF 100-400L II IS on a 5D IV or 5Ds R, than a 7D II; in effect, I have adapted.(Nikon has nothing to match the wonderful EF 100-400L II IS.)

I still believe there will be a 7D3.

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