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Re: Face palm

NCV wrote:

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Henry Richardson wrote:

There is just so much misery and insecurity here. Why can't everyone here be happy that the little m4/3 sensor is as good or better than earlier FF sensors? But no, the miserable and insecure have their panties in a twist because it is not as good as currentFF sensors. Jeez, it is 1/4 the size, dude! The world is full of miserable, joyless people. Unfortunately, many have found this forum to hang out at and try to make everyone else miserable too. If you don't like m4/3 why are you here? That is a rhetorical question. We know the answer already. Miserable people live to try to make other people miserable too. Doesn't work with me though. I am happy with what m4/3 has and does.

Yes there is, and you're a prime example.....

There are two threads currently on the front page comparing m4/3 and FF, both started by m4/3 users. No doubt the usual suspects will come out of the woodwork complaining about 'FF trolls' coming on to their sub forum when in actual fact it is nearly always m4'3 users that start the comparisons.

Why can't it ever just be a good system, why does it always have to be constantly measurebated against FF? You hardly ever see this in other forums, it seems a uniquely m4/3 trait, small man syndrome encapsulated in a camera system.

No-one is forcing FF users to come into the M43 forum to mount a defence when threads like this appear. If anything, perhaps many of those FF users who come here to post have small man syndrome and purchase large cameras to compensate for their other naturally small equipment.

There are those of use who use two or more formats.

This cr*p just makes me face palm. Just use the camera that pleases you most and be done with it. I do not give a sh*t what other people take their snaps with.

I think you've misunderstood me Nigel.

I also don't give a cr@p about different camera formats. I am happy with my choice. I don't care what anyone else uses.

I was simply responding to the complaint that MFT users are responsible for starting these camera system comparison threads.

Given that this is the MFT forum, I think this is exactly where they should be able to post such threads. I see no problem at all with the OP's post. If the OP had posted this thread over in one of the FF camera forums, then that might be regarded as trolling. To do it here is fine.

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