90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

jrkliny wrote:

I have another guess.....there will be no 7DIII.

I can understand how those who are vested and love their 7Ds can hope for an upgrade. I am not vested and with more objectivity I doubt there will be one.

Higher models are obviously going to migrate towards mirrorless. That makes even more sense for those who want high shutter rates. The whole camera market is seriously contracting. R&D and the number of camera options also needs to contract. Cameras are getting smaller and lighter. The 7D series cameras were built like bricks and weighed almost as much. The manufacturers see the future of high end cameras in the FF options.

So the final concerns might be what is missing on the 90D that could be reasonably provided with a 7DIII? The water and dust proof are supposed to have been upgraded from the 80D. The sensor is improved in addition to the increase in pixels. The concern for birders seems to be focusing. The assumption seems to be that 45 focus points means there was no improvement. That remains to be seen. It is possible that the 90D focusing has been greatly improved. To my way of thinking focusing is all about the camera software. 45 points is not the issue.

You are being too simplistic with the differences. There really is a lot more to it than those simple specifications. I am certain the 90D is a fantastic camera. Despite the critics and fan boys, Canon get so much spot on.

Personally I am sure there will be another high end crop body from Canon. Almost all the people I see out shooting wildlife have either a 7D2 or a D500. The market is still there and people are willing to spend on their hobbies. A crop body allows us to reduce weight and that is a big boon. I do own a FF Canon, but it just sits gathering dust because the 7D2 is just so good for the type of photography I do. I also carry an 80D for macro as it is better suited to that than my 5D3. Crop is far from dead.

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