DXO: m4/3 vs. FF -- we have it good!

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Re: What a dreary world that would be ...

Doug Janis wrote:

You do realize more FPS is not always an advantage. In fact, it's often considered a liability with all the extra files to sort through.

lol that's like complaining about the Chiron's fuel economy. If you want slow, there are other models available. There is a reason the most expensive Canon, Nikon, Sony bodies are the ones with high burst rate / expansive buffers.

Law of diminishing returns. You don't see any EMIXs on the sidelines for a reason. It's all Canikon. The end result, ultimate IQ is what the $$$ wants.

Then why aren't there IQ4's on "the sidelines"?

m43 is all about compromising sensor IQ.

Every choice in photography is a compromise.

Canon EOS RP focuses faster than the EM1X.

Sadly, the facts disagree with you.

Imaging Resource has measured both.
RP Single-point (center) 0.218s EFCS / 0.462s ES
EM1X Single-point (center) 0.072s EFCS / 0.065s ES

Not even close. If you had actual experience with the cameras you're talking about, you would understand.

On the IQ side the FF mirrorless are pulling a solid 2 stops ahead, and 3-5 stops in the shadows (especially the Z6).

FF cameras defy physics!? Can you show us "3-5 stops" pulled shadows advantage over mFT at equivalence??

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