90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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So specs don’t seem to show dual cards or dual DIGIC, so the 90D isnt any sort of 7D2/80D compromise. It’s just an updated 80D.

I’m a Canon fan, but I really think they made a mistake dumping the 7D range.

But at least Canon just saved me $1500 as I won’t be buying a 90D anytime soon.

Who said Canon dumped the 7D line? Can you show a link for such a statement?

You can't believe all of the rumors around. Save your money and wait for the 7D3 or for an announcement from Canon saying that it isn't coming. I would expect to spend a little more than $1500, though.

It’s been 5 years now. This should have been the point at which it was released, and....we got a reheated 80d instead, which was also way overdue. At this point, yeah, pretty disappointed Canon owner. Will they release a 7d3 next year? At this point, I doubt it.

The 2020 Tokyo olympics is one likely reason to delay a sports focused body by a year or so. Release in the spring and do a big marketing push in the summer, rather than releasing now and spending a lot of money advertising something a year old.

Nikon has got it right - make a development announcement for the D6 (and a sports-focused lens) now, launch it much nearer to the Olympics. Any marketing response from Canon now runs the risk of looking like a "me too", but I don't doubt there will also be a 1DX2 successor in a similar time frame.

Whether there will be 7D2 and D500 successors is less clear, but my money is on a yes to both.

I just don't understand how being secretive about future camera releases makes any sense at all. Of course, the actions of camera companies don't have to make sense to me, but it is still hard to fathom what they are thinking. If you are not going to say when, at least say if.....

Two guesses:

1. Announcing a future model causes sales of existing inventory to tank. Actually, this is a well-informed guess, as that seems to be true in many markets, not just cameras.

2. Releasing a 7D III shortly before a 1D X III might prompt sports shooters to buy a 7D III, and then not quite be able to afford to buy a 1D X III, or, perhaps, just decide to “settle for” a 7D III, pre-cannibalizing 1D-series sales.

Releasing the D5 and D500 together, and the D3 and D300 together, seemed to work well for Nikon.

Canon released the 7D II at a time in-between the 1D X and 1D X II, not too close to either of its bigger brothers.

In my case, of course, not being a likely candidate for buying a new 1D-series camera, I am very much hoping for a 7D III. I can probably afford a 1D X III, if I make it a budgetary priority, but prefer 7D-/5D-series camera bodies. (I have bought 1D II N and 1Ds III cameras, but pre-owned, well after discontinuation.)

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By accident of availability, I learned to use Canon and Nikon DSLRs at the same time. I love specific lenses made by both Canon and Nikon, too much to quit either system. Dabbling with Leica-M is fun, too. I am, certainly, not an expert.

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