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Re: What a dreary world that would be ...

Doug Janis wrote:

And here is the main m43 issue....where is the substantial price discount compared to FF mirrorless. I'm not seeing it. I see "pro" f/1.2 lenses with IQ similar to FF mirrorless f/1.8 lenses, with the Olympus lenses costing $500 more.

You see only 3 out of 130 system lenses? The cheapest (and only) Z mount 24/1.8 is the same price as the PL 12/1.4 and still doesn't deliver the full 2-stop potential a larger sensor allows for.

So in the pure photography world, somehow Olympus is pricing up their bodies and lenses alongside competing FF mirrorless.

Non-sequitur. Olympus released one ILC camera in 2017 - a 380g monster that costs $450.Olympus released one ILC camera in 2018 - a 410g monster that costs $499. The most expensive mFT camera ever, the EM1X is far cheaper than full featured cameras from Sony, Canon and Nikon.  There is no full frame MILC that can match its burst rates and buffer speed for less.  Then there's glass. My FF glass is much larger, heavier and more expensive than my mFT kit. Not even close.

Eventually Olympus is going to have to offer considerable price discounts vis-a-vis FF mirrorless.

lol I wish you were right but Olympus is historically stingy with discounts. My Sony's on the other hand...

The rumoured, affordable Z8 and the existing Canon EOS RP a really putting the screws to all mirrorless price structures.

Until the photographer starts looking for missing features elsewhere. Then there's the handful of available lenses for these systems, none of which are cheap.

No matter how much gee whiz tech Olympus and Panasonic pile into EM1X/EM1.2 and G9/GH6s, there needs to be a considerable price discount between FF mirrorless and anything in m43 reflecting the smaller sensor and lower IQ it delivers.

In your opinion, what is the objective difference in output between these models when features are matched? Is the final output of a FF camera 4X better than mFT? Can I sell those prints for 4X the money? Will I get 4X the bookings if I use FF? Will my revenue stream quadruple proportionally to sensor area?

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