DXO: m4/3 vs. FF -- we have it good!

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Re: What you are saying is...

Raist3d wrote:

All the new cameras keep the same image quality standard more or less in m43 - comparable to what happened 8+ years ago

let that sink in for a second

this means any competitor with a bigger sensor at similar price and weight would seem like a better proposition, right?

its a bit like an attempt to market current products comparing them to years old competitors tech not sure this is a winning proposal
But hey, some people think there’s not much difference vs current competitor tech, so have to give you credit for not doing that.

The vast majority of people never print bigger than 8x10, and even at 16x24 there's almost no perceptible difference between MFT and larger formats. If you're never going to perceive the difference, why pay and carry more?

Arguing that most folks need more than MFT is like arguing in the film days that most people needed medium format. Most people did not buy medium format. Not even most pros.

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