Astro timelapse issues. Help needed

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Re: Astro timelapse issues. Help needed

cuba17 wrote:

Here is the video

I slowed it down to show the issues. There are two of them

* Either a background flickering with different color and brightness

* or milky way is flickering with different brightness

Everything is in manual mode, wb, iso, aperture, shutter. There is a campfire nearby, but does it matter?

I edited in LR for contrast, highlights, shadows, etc and LRTimelapse(which doesn't help for this case, even selecting different regions). Dehaze makes flickering even worse btw

The gear is a Sony A6300, Rokinon 12 F2, Star Adventurer Mini

So guys, what is the initial issue? Editing? Or there is some setting in the camera that affects so much? How can this be avoided in the future and do you encounter similar issues? Or how to edit astrotimelapses properly?

I don't do MW timelapse but I do other stuff timelapse.  A problem with time lapse is flickering.  Flickering occurs when the aperture of the lens, even though it is set at say 2.8, it doesn't quite make it to 2.8 or goes a little bigger than 2.8 when the shutter is actuated.  On digital cameras/lenses, the aperture is always open to its biggest before the shutter is clicked.  Once the shutter is clicked, the aperture blades then closes down to your selected aperture.  Its a VERY miniscule amount but there are always slight differences in aperture size between shots.  That fraction of a difference of aperture size will cause flicker.  The same can go for shutter speed as well. There may be very minute differences in the shutter speed between exposures that will again cause flicker.

The solution, is to deflicker your images.  There are various programs out there that analyze the images and find the "flickered" images and make adjustments to those images to correct them to match up to the other exposures.

My favorite piece of software for time lapse (there might be others geared towards night sky time lapse) is LRTimelapse .  It uses some pretty smart algorithms to analyze your images and creates keyframes and then uses an Adobe Lightroom plugin to make the correct adjustments to certain images (the keyframes) to remove the flicker.

Check it, I'm sure this is what you will be looking for as a solution.


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