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Velocity of Sound wrote:

Tobamory wrote:

Any sites better than FX factory ? for paid FX

I favor LenoFX for plugins and effects. They have some nice free ones , and once you look to the rest of what they offer you'll probably find that their plugins are definitely professional-level and priced accordingly. I don't think that they're any more expensive than other plugin websites, though. They also offer support, guides on how to use the plugins (which is useful, particularly for the more intricate plugins like text message bubble emulation), and they seemingly do keep the plugins updated. They do offer occasional sales, including a massive Black Friday sale in which they bundle a bunch of (seemingly random) plugins together for a price that is still expensive, but very good when broken down to what you're paying per plugin. That sale is probably less useful if you've already bought a few plugins, but if you're just starting out it's a nice way to quickly gain some additional things to keep your video effects fresh.

If your daughter is inclined to learn another program, Motion - included in the bundle that you bought - is the way to produce plugins and effects like these. I've only used it once or twice to customize other plugins, so I don't have much familiarity with it. It seems that if you know your way around it well you could not only save a lot of money, but possibly create plugins to sell for a decent amount.

If you want pure visual effects, Leno's Motion Graphics would probably work nicely. If you want to do something like shifting or slightly blurring the scene to have more text overlaid, check his team's Paragraph Titles plugin. (I use something similar, although it's from a different plugin set of theirs and it looks slightly different.)

The cheapest thing to do for text-based explainers is probably to create your own subtitles. Use control-T as the default shortcut (control, not command!), and then move the text to the bottom of the screen, resizing it and adding a border for visibility. If you have a coloration, size, and border scheme that you like, you can save the style settings to speed things up in the future. There are plugins you can buy that give you similar subtitles, but why bother when this one is free and simple?


Thanks for that they look good.... I did buy a shedload from MotionVFX which are good, but always open to more

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