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Re: Amen, and +1000

Photo Pete wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Making a big body at similar prices is not the way to go for m43rds.

Ricardo, I think your statement is 100% true. When M4/3 "goes big" it cancels out all of the advantages of having a small sensor and still cannot match the performance of a much larger sensor. It pretty much is a fool's errand.

There is no doubt that bigger sensors are "better." This is simple physics.

The real questions become:

  • How much better?
  • Do I need it?
  • What will it cost to get it?

I'm pretty certain that some folks want a big M4/3 camera, so I am glad Olympus and Panasonic make a few big heavy beasts. These are probably people with very large hands, or people who want to use very large lenses, or who are so heavily invested in the system that they will pay a huge premium for ANY improvement, no matter how slight. But it would be a huge blunder if all M4/3 cameras were big heavy beasts.

As long as there are people who want things like smaller size, lower weight, better value, great features, and having an outstanding lens selection, then M4/3 will have a customer base.

If M4/3 goes big, heavy and expensive, then it really has no good reason to exist.

Other systems just do big, heavy and expensive better.

Generally agree with this.

I do think people are getting in a bit too much of a fuss about the ‘big and heavy’ m43 cameras though. For Olympus, the EM1 series is primarily the sports and wildlife range, designed for use with longer lenses and designed with larger bodies and grips to help balance out the handling with those lenses. The overall package with long lens and body still remains more compact and lighter than competing systems.

Not anymore for some focal lengths.

The other problem is that the smaller cameras are not pro enthusiast level.

Personally, I would far sooner shoot with an EM1 and 600mm equivalent lens than with competing systems, even if just for the handling.

Yup, but do the same comparison with available focal lengths on Fuji from wide angle to portrait and even on Sony FF.  This would mean m43rds keeps an advantage only at the mid to longer tele.  That's not all the market and in a shrinking market, its' not good to specialize like that.

we have yet to see what the next EM5 or EM10 will be like... but I’ll bet they are more compact than the competition.

Well, sure, that's the hope!

There are not many (if any) competing systems which allow you to pick and choose the best body size and format for the particular task with lens compatibility between them.

There are. Fuji is one of them. But the issue again is not that you can't find smaller m43rds cameras, but that the smaller m43rds camera are using outdated tech (no pdaf, slower cpu's, older sensors, etc.).  That's the issue.

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