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Bryan wrote:

Barry Duggan Photography wrote:

Hi, I'm looking for a scanner for my 35mm film. Is there any good suggestions?, I have an iMac. I was looking at Plustek but I believe the software can be tricky to work. Ive also looked at the cheaper Kodak Scanza.


Hi Barry,

I would check eBay to see if you can find a bargain Nikon Coolscan IV or V. I have both and they do an excellent job of sorting out old colour images, also B&W negs. I also use an iMac (since Dec 2009) and run Parallels Desktop allowing me to have Windows XP Pro running. This allows me to use the excellent Nikon Coolscan software - slow but does a great job.

For the fresher (read better quality) slides I use Vuescan in Mojave and again results are good. I was very happy with my Coolscan IV but but a daft bid in for the later (better) version V and won it. I am keeping the IV as a spare but I have cleaned mirrors etc on both. There are some bargains about.

A few results from each can be found in Albums in the Flickr account below.

Good luck.

Bryan, can I do something like this running High Sierra on my 2012 Mac Mini or Mojave on my 2018 Mini?  I'd prefer the latter option since I plan on selling the 2012 Mini.

I would like to be able to use the Nikon software as well as Vuescan.

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