You have to sympathise with camera companies

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Re: You have to sympathise with camera companies

Actually, most of the sales of Canon and Nikon were almost certainly to non-gearheads at the low end who took out their DSLRs to snap family pics a couple of times a year.  The same was true of cheap video cameras a decade ago.

When that market collapsed they were left realizing that growth was only going to come at the high end but they were torn between their existing pro base who had a large inventory of material and wanted to stick with that, and new gearheads with many different priorities.

Canon in particular did not give people all they wanted judging by the complaints of Canon users on this forum.  Many don't like the alternatives of mirrorless and have to choose between eco systems with their differing faults.  Newcomers often rejected the priorities of existing DSLR shooters (such as OVF and large cameras).  The net result is that growth is slow and attrition is also devastating the old leaders.

Eventually they will all have to figure out how to get profit growth with smaller numbers of buyers who are forced to pay higher prices to keep the companies going.  Or else create a totally new device that is reasonably cheap, easy to make, and will offer mass market buyers something they want badly that phones don't have.  What that would be, no one knows at the moment, even if it exists at all.

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