90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: 90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

OUGrad05 wrote:

flash551 wrote:

rumors about 7 mark iii not gone, could be very cool to have great eye focus and ecf

naturally with all the obvious specifications like two cards , double processor and so on

Two cards huge plus, 4k video...proper 4k video, eye AF...yes they need to do that. I won't wait another year. Something for me is happening likely between now and Christmas. If we hear nothing from Canon then I'll jump to Nikon or Sony or Panasonic.

You can jump ship but Canon will most probably lure you in back again. Look what happened with the just released EOS C500 Mark II. Serious filmmakers waited seven years for this new model. Arguably, it has everything you could absolutely need to film a proper movie (for a price, of course).

Did an original EOS C500 owner jump ship after buying that expensive piece of gear just to be seduced by Canon one more time?

It's not exactly Apples to Apples, but the point stands: Canon will make you wait until the company is absolutely sure it will release a good--probably expensive--product.

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