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Re: Too little ambition, Fuji

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Fuji seem to be stuck in the ”APS-C must be cheaper than the cheapest FF” delusion. Okay it worked to make the X-T3 cheap with minor body changes from the X-T2, but they can’t keep holding their top tier bodies back forever.

I wonder if the release of the X-H1 created the expectation of having IBIS in other Fujifilm bodies.

Tim C.

If people want IBIS in a Fuji - they have that option. ...

No they don't, not in the smallish form factor many of us went into Fuji for in the first place.

Right, nothing has changed as far as the reason you came to Fuji yet people here are saying they won't buy it because it's a feature it never had in the first place, so your point?

My point is that no IBIS was an acceptable trade-off until maybe 3-4 years ago. Not anymore.

Then move on to a brand that gives you everything your heart desires, oh wait there isn't one.

IBIS is from the crowd that wanted stabilization but didn't want to pay for it in the lens where it would be better (if some people weren't complaining about the lens prices) if it was STILL engineered in the lens today. So they want the rest of us to pay for it in the body that don't want/need it. And some of this is from the crowd that won't pay for a f/1.4 or 2.8 lens to get the faster shutter speeds but want Sharp images in the dark shooting at f/4+. Then there's the group that wants 60mp in an apsc so they can print a billboard or crop instead of buying a telephoto lens.

What do I want??? A 12-20mp apsc (one that can actually transfer a realistic file size to a mobile phone fast) small body with outstanding high iso, great battery life, fast intuitive menu, smaller, better lenses (think Leica). But I can't get that now and every new Fuji body that comes out I'm not going to take to the internet and complain about it. That's what you are doing.

I'm thinking Leica in the near future for me.

For me, obviously. It's my point I'm making, so I speak for myself.

But you only have to read the comments here and over at Fuji Rumors in the relevant post to see I'm far from alone in thinking this.

Of course the Fuji whiners might just throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the Ford, BMW ( name you favorite brand ) floor, kicking and screaming.

Maybe someone should offer them some cheese to go with the whine to sooth their loss of no IBIS on the Pro3.

Stop patronising people and calling them whiners. It's unnecessary and doesn't help defend your position in any way, quite the opposite.

Toughen up, I got news for you, the internet can be offending sometimes.

Really? I hear it can also be sarcastic.


We all have our needs and preferences, and have every right to manifest them in a gear forum as this one.

That goes both ways.

Expressing a different opinion is one thing. Calling someone with a different opinion a whiner and patronising them is an entirely different one. If you don't see that, it's your poblem.

Then what do you call it when folks take to the forums every time, over and over, a new Fuji body comes out without ibis to "suggest" they've made a huge mistake?

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