DXO: m4/3 vs. FF -- we have it good!

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Stephane SHG
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Re: Sure

NCV wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Yes, and if you read what I wrote I said newer FF sensors are even better. Duh! Your point, whatever it is, seems irrelevant to the point of this thread (which I clearly stated).

Sure you can take great pictures with old cameras, just like you can with new ones or take lousy pictures with both.

Graphs tell you very little of practical use in the end, you have to get out and take pictures with different cameras to understand some things.

My good old D700 still spanks any M43 sensor with those creamy colour transitions compared to the harsher M43 output. No graph will tell you this.

Some still prefer the D700 to the newer D8** cameras.

M43 gives me advantages over my FF cameras in certain areas where no graph can be made.

In fact the graph games and those hilarious camera size comparisons we see here are all rather silly if I may say so.

Just use the Efing camera that makes you happy and be done with it.

Humm of course FF is better but is that REALLY necessary ? I find terms like "destroy" "kill" "sh*t on"  "spanks" rather childish, and it's in total contradiction with your last good sentence. My opinion of course.

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