Travel Lens suggestions for A6400

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Re: Travel Lens suggestions for A6400

Dr JLW wrote:

Here are some from my last trip with the SEL10-18 on my 6000

This is a monument to Grey Friars Bobby =. Unscrupulous "guides" started an urban legend that it is good luck to rub the nose. Locals do not approve.

Here is low light hand held

John Knox in Church

These last two illustrate "the get in close get your shot and get out" in a crowded venue.

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing. I like the size of the 10-18 and I think it would be a good lens to get. I added it to my wish list to get for x-mas. I prefer a smaller lens than the sigma 16 mm.  So many great lenses are coming out I am exited to see the reviews. Thx

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