Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

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Re: Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

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Easiest and quickest is to review the image in camera and press the rear command wheel. The display will zoom in on the focus point, instant feed back while you still eventually have a chance to correct it.

This shows 100% view of the embedded jpg (if shooting raw). It is not full size, and imho not sufficient resolution to adequately check focus. I've been caught by this several times..thinking the image is sharp and in focus, only to download to my pc and find the focus off, or motion blur.


If you shoot RAW+Jpeg Fine the preview is full res

Interesting. Thanks. I was thinking of trying this.

Which camera? I have the X-T2 and need to switch to Slot 2 to review the full-size JPG image - no biggie as I really only take pictures of things that aren't moving too much. The review of the RAF file in Slot 1 isn't full size. The magnifier only goes in so much...much less so than the JPG magnifier. Am I missing a revised setting or something? No camera was mentioned in the quoted posts above.

It’s easier when both raw and jpg are on the same card.

the newer cameras make things even easier by including a much larger preview jpg within the RAF file

Exactly. I use the X-T2 as well and I shoot RAW+JPEG in backup mode (all files in both cards)

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