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Re: Q2 Monochrome conversion

Verto wrote:

Great image, but I disagree with you 100% on the Q2 image quality. The M10 has better image quality than the Q2 at every metric except resolution. I had the Q2 and sold it for that very reason. I was hoping Leica would use the M10 sensor in the Q2 but they went a different direction.

Khun_K wrote:

Anastasia Maslova, Bangkok, Thailand. August 17, 2019 - Leica Q2

Leica Q2 is almost of a fault-free camera, focus acquisition instantly and accurately, image stabilization works marvelously down to 1/4-1/2s (based on my own experience) and shoot silent if needed.

The new 47MP sensor in Q2 is capable of producing superior image quality to all digital M cameras, IMHO, except of course the M Monochrom models. However, the higher resolution sensor in Q2 is less prone to aliasing than the older 24MP sensor; therefore, as a result, the DNG file from Q2 can convert to monochrome files of higher clarity than previous cameras with Bayer filter sensor and with advantage of applying color filters in post for tonal contrast control that gets really close to Monochrom Typ 246 which requires no demosaicing but would require color filter for tonal manipulation. The philosophy and purity in shooting monochrome image may not be replaced but Q2 gets closer or equal to MM246 than any FF Leica at the moment in most situations. True MM246 monochrom file is of course still different and under careful watch, still superior in tonal transitions but Q2 get very very close. Besides, files from Q2 is always 99.99% spot-on focus - any discussion of a quality file starts from optimized focus unless "blur" is the intended artistic expression.

Base on this, I do not see Leica will attempt to make an M10-Based Monochrom model because it may not offer enough meaningful improvement over MM246, instead, should focus its resources on re-align the fundaments of M camera concept in the adaption of next higher resolution sensor.

But Leica is Leica, no one can tell it what to do. But into 2020 with Q2 and SLII already in the market the M cameras will be the one with inferior image quality to Q2 and SLII, the bottom of all FF Leica, it is not M positioned to be.

I state what I evaluate from my own experience that has nothing to do with wheather people agree or disagree.   I have M10/M10-D and shoot a lot of images with them and IMHO Q2 is not behind them, in fact visibly superior.  Q2 is the latest FF Leica with the latest sensor and it supposed to deliver better image quality for what Q2 is (focus accuracy, speed and higher resolution) and if it is not, Leica is in a bigger problem.

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