A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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Re: A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

Iron Eagle wrote:

MILC man wrote:

Iron Eagle wrote:

Let me start out by saying my current wildlife rig is a D850 with mainly the 500PF or 300PF + TC1.4. I'm looking to go smaller and lighter, so naturally the new Sony comes to mind.

My D850 is 1015g, and with a lens its:

  • body + 500PF = 2475g
  • body + 300PF + TC (420mm) = 1960g
  • body + 200-500 = a whopping 3980g

i'm seeing 1015g + 2300g = 3315g for that 200-500 combo.


The A7R IV is 665g

  • body + 100-400 = 2060g
  • body + 200-600 = 2780g

So it seems that going with the 200-600 and the Sony isn't going to do much for my weight savings. In fact, the weight increase,

looks to me like the Nikon rig is heavier with the 200-500 vs. fe200-600, by 535g/1.18lbs

no question that the fe200-600 is better, it's 100mm longer and it's 20fps af-c capable... that's why it costs more.

Whoops....yeah, that original post is a typo. 3315g is correct for the 200-500 combo. You're right, the Sony with 200-600 would be lighter, and likely better IQ. The only thing is, I rarely use the 200-500 anymore. My main long lens is the 500PF, which is only about 1460g.

Nikon 200-500 2300 g, Sony FE 200-600 2115 g. Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip for A7r IV is 290 g. So that changes your statement in OP significantly. A7r IV + grip + FE 200-600 G seems still lighter than D850 + 200-500 lens. Not only with Sony you have 100mm longer at tele side but A7r IV has 26mp APS-C mode vs D850's 20mp APS-C mode. A7r IV real-time AF-C tracking should be better than D850's.

You probably don't need vertical power grip but just a grip extender that has many choices and vertically doesn't add much weight.

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