Is Wildlife m43's future ?

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Re: Yes, its the results that matter...

Messier Object wrote:

Doug Janis wrote:

First, contrary to some here, he didn't move to Olympus. He still shoots Canon, as well as other product.

Second, he's niching Olympus but stating outright it can't compare on image spec with FF. No kidding. To the OP of this thread, you can't build a brand on what he says about its wildlife capabilities. Yes, m43 can shoot wildlife. But for critical IQ, nope. Rouse says so. The feather details are always the issue in my experience.

Third, his DOF reference is a muti-target example. A single bird isolation shot is definitely not shooting f/8. This is where FF shines and m43 struggles, especially when the light gets low, golden and blue hours.

Fourth, yes the EM1X is "clever". But none of thatch is proprietary to m43. It's all readily achievable by all mirrorless, and some already do it. "clever" is code for not enough sensor IQ.


Re. your Third point above . . .

I have no real problems shooting single small birds with my m4/3 camera and achieving sufficient isolation to meet my needs

here's a set of single bird images. In each I was looking for enough subject isolation to make the background unobtrusive without the image looking completely 'faked' out.

Not saying that these are especially good, far from it, but in terms of isolation can you tell which of these were captured using my Canon FF and which were captured with my E-M1 II ?

Do you think that these shots need more subject isolation ?








Lovely birds, and excellent point!

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