At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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... a yearly music festival that I help organize. Between the fact that the musicians are so often looking down at their instruments (and not giving me great poses to shoot), are obscured by stuff like music stands and mics and that I really try to be discrete so as not to get in the audiences way means that this thing is pretty difficult to get decent shots with. Because of all of this I end up taking lots and lots of shots to get the best expressions and to get shots of performers that aren't obscured by people or stuff on stage. The show took place this year and I shot more images than I ever have before. I still don't think that I got enough really great shots, but I at least shooting lots improved my odds somewhat... though I really hate culling through that many shots.

Hi Aaron801, do you also have a quiet camera?

I used an Olympus Pen F this year and before that a Oly EM10. I'm pretty sure that my new Pen F has some options for silent electronic shutter, but honestly I never felt that I needed it because both of my Oly cameras have pretty quiet mechanical shutters. There's some sound but maybe not much or at all if your ear isn't right near the camera (when you aren't the photographer). A quiet camera is important too because the festival I shoot is jazz and though some groups can be pretty raucous, there are always parts that are very introspective and the volume is minimal... so any extraneous noise is noticed.

This is one big reason that I like mirrorless gear. There's a pro photogaher who also shoots the fest every year (I'm strictly amateur and my main contribution to the festival is as a board member and graphic designer; I design all of the material for print and web). This pro photog does manage to get some very fine images, but she uses a full frame DSLR type camera (Nikon, I think). She shoots many more frames than I do and her camera is quite noisy... it's pretty distracting when the on stage volume drops.

The Pen F is an amazing little sexy camera, perfectly capable for photographing concerts. My wife is using it when shooting concerts, I'm using an E-M1 mkll, both set to silent shutter.

ML cameras give now a perfect solution for concert photography and I think that using a noisy distracting dSLR for a concert, is a rude thing to do and such a photog should not be allowed into the concert venue, no matter how good his/her photos may be.

That's a totally valid perspective... As a working pro and someone who does lots of studio type portrait stuff with lights and all of that, the photographer in question is likely pretty used to the stereotypical gear for that and I could understand that she might not want to buy and then get accustomed to a whole other style system. I do see that at least the bigger FF format that she uses gives her a bit cleaner shots for the sort of low light photography that the whole indoor, stage lit situation that we're dealing with. She does however have to deal with a really cumbersome big zoom that she uses (probably something that's 2.8 and fast for FF) that she needs to use a monopod for. I can be far less obtrusive with my little camera, particularly because it has such good IBIS and no monopod is necessary for me. I also shoot pretty much only with primes and though it means that my framing might not be as precise, I don't mind cropping in a bit when I process the work.

Though I can see that the other photographer with her larger format gear does get somewhat clearer images, it seems that between the fact that my new Pen F does slightly better in low light than my old EM10 (and much, much better than my first m43 camera, a GH2) and the fact that the lighting design for the stage has involved more even and overall brighter light it seems that the gap between the noise/detail of her photos and mine is getting much smaller. It's funny because in discussions with this other photographer she always seems to be complaining about the quality of the light. The fact that it's a bit more even and less chiaroscuro somehow means that it's harder for to get the kind of edge lit, jazz age type photos (like on Blue Note LPs) that she tends to go for. Since I don't have that kind of specific shot in mind and am willing to work with whatever light is happening (as long as it isn't too dim) and the fact that light is brighter so that I can shoot at lower ISOs means that I'm pretty happy about it.

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