Is Wildlife m43's future ?

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Re: So what, that's totally irrelevant...its the results that matter...

Doug Janis wrote:

Gary from Seattle wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

PlumShots wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

PlumShots wrote:

Ummm....Andy Rouse shoots Canon:

... but you actually show that you're quite uninformed and unaware.

You might want to check your facts prior to spewing hyperbole...making it look like you have an agenda...grasping at straws that aren't there.

Here are links to his (Andy Rouse) two latest blog posts from the site:

Looks like Olympus m4/3 gear to me.

I remember when Nikon was making a big thing about Andy Rouse abandoning his Canon gear to use the D3

And then another big thing was made when he decided to abandon his Nikon gear to use the Canon 1D X (couldn't find him actually adopting it, but by the time of the 1D XII he is a 'Canon Explorer' - I think 'Explorer' means something like 'Visionary')

Anyway, now he seems to have been given a full kit of Olympus gear. I think our Andy's partial to a bit of free kit and possibly some other benefits.

… when Andy made the "announcement" he was "testing new gear", many like Doug Janis, who claims to be able to clearly see the difference between m43 vs. APS-C/FF, reviewed the images Andy was posting and thought it was a new Canon telephoto lens mated to a new FF

When Andy said "No, it's not Canon", everyone then switched to beta-testing of new Nikon FF kit.

The posted images where universally praised , for weeks, so when the Olympus m4/3 reveal occurred, it was too late, the ensuing mea culpa was entertaining indeed.

Without EXIF data, it has been proven time and time again, it's hit 'n' miss guessing as to what gear was used to capture an use the gear that you prefer or that allows you capture the image in the first place.


Generally, the difference between systems is not visual quality displayed on the web, If you take the same photo with two 20MP cameras, they are going to be pretty much indistinguishable. The difference is in the extent and extremes of the shooting envelope, when you can't take the same photo. By definition, with either system you're only seeing the shots he did get.

Rouse said this in his blog;

"Now before I go on I need to say one thing. I am not an Olympus Ambassador and I don't intend to be. I've said to Olympus that I will say what I find about the system, warts and all, and I'm certainly not being paid to use it. It's all my choice. My future direction is to stay independant and to use the best system each individual part of my business. So right now I am using the Olympus system for my wildlife photography, the Canon 5D4 for underwater and am testing a Panasonic for my video work. The R I will fit in somewhere too, probably for wide angle work, although I'm gonna use the Olympus smaller glass too and see how that goes.

Now some of you maybe surprised that Mr Full Frame is using a micro 4/3 sensor, surely the quality is not there right? That's what I thought hence my reason to try it. That is also what the spec laden pixel pushers tell the word as well, that the M43 system cannot match a full frame sensor. Well technically no of course it can't, but the E-M1X is super clever. And here is the thing, you need to set out using this system with the right mindset. It's not full frame and the images do look different. Not worse, certainly not, just different. For a start the depth of field is more that with a DSLR. Initially I thought it was a negative but look at the above images above, the depth is actually an advantage as I can get more in focus without increasing the ISO to get a bigger aperture. So that means say for my 600mm f4 that I have, it would the same as shooting my old Canon 600mm at f8. In other words for lenses such as this the effect for me is negligible and actually is a positive thing in most instances!"

Certainly in wildlife photography strong image stabilization and very good C-AF (as Rouse says) allows him on average to be successful in getting the shorts he wants with m4/3.

First, contrary to some here, he didn't move to Olympus. He still shoots Canon, as well as other product.

Second, he's niching Olympus but stating outright it can't compare on image spec with FF. No kidding. To the OP of this thread, you can't build a brand on what he says about its wildlife capabilities. Yes, m43 can shoot wildlife. But for critical IQ, nope. Rouse says so. The feather details are always the issue in my experience.

Third, his DOF reference is a muti-target example. A single bird isolation shot is definitely not shooting f/8. This is where FF shines and m43 struggles, especially when the light gets low, golden and blue hours.

Fourth, yes the EM1X is "clever". But none of thatch is proprietary to m43. It's all readily achievable by all mirrorless, and some already do it. "clever" is code for not enough sensor IQ.

Thank you Doug, I've well got you point after all the efforts you put in this thread.

It's your opinion, and it has the same value as others

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