Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

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"resolution" and "contrast" are simply terms we use to help explain a mathematical number, that being 15 lw/mm or 45 lw/mm. This is saying that there are 15 line-widths in one millimeter. If the lens has a value of 1 on an MTF chart for 15 lw/mm, its saying that the only frequency the lens saw was 15 lw/mm. A value lower than 1 means that there was a spike of frequency at 15 lw/mm, but there was some other lower frequency information present as well which muddies that expected value of a theoretically perfect lens of 15 lw/mm(lower frequency = lower lw/mm). Naturally, it's harder for a lens to see 45 lw/mm than it is to see 15 lw/mm, and that is reflected in an MTF chart becase the 45 lw/mm is lower than 15 lw/mm.

If the saggital and meridional lines are further apart, this means that there is more astigmatism, which can be an indicator of cats-eye bokeh and a general lower image quality, although it's hard to say exactly how the IQ will be affected.

I'm way too deep into explaining this now, so I'll end by saying that the images looks pretty nice and that's what we care about at the end of the day :). I like numbers, but subjective feeling matters far more.

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