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DSLR scans are fast & offer you the same resolution as your camera. You need to backlight the film and then need to invert the image if it’s a negative and remove dust and scratches. To get the colours of negative film how I want them is time consuming and a little frustrating to say the least. Also bear in mind you need to set up the camera light and film holder each time you want to scan. So the actual scan is quick, everything else necessary not so much.

Dedicated film scanners are slow but with the right software do all of the above for you. Having used both extensively I prefer using film scanners, a Plustek 8200 and Epson v850 flatbed as I get to do other work whilst the scanners do their thing.

Vuescan gets good reviews, currently I’m using Silverfast SE which gets me the colours I’m happy with quicker and easier. Others use the manufacturers software which is of course free and may be all you need. It would be fair to say that all the software I’ve tried has its own eccentricities and takes some time to get the best from it.

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