A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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Re: A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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I find that even though the left hand supports the lens, the right hand still needs to balance some of the weight, especially when raising the camera while it's hanging on my strap.

I think you need to learn the best way of handling heavier gear.

LOL, OK so all of you support the entire weight of the lens and body with just your left hand? You need some amount of force on the body, too,

A myth, why? My 1D III (that is as big/heavy as 1Dx II and D5) sill cannot balance EF 500L/4.0 IS, a 8.5 lb alone lens. I have no issue to mount on smaller/lighter 5D III without a grip.

which is why people using large lenses actually prefer larger bodies.

Not everyone. I actually mounted the lens on A9 via adapter, no issue. The AF-C is poor therefore I sold it. Future FE 500/4.0 GM should be even slightly lighter than FE 400.2.8 GM that is 1 kg lighter than Canon 400L/2.8 IS II (only III now match) and Nikon 400G/2.8 VR II. Most actually can hand-hold 400 GM for a short period of time.

If you're not holding the camera at all, why even have a grip on it. Some of the replies I read on here are ridiculous.

Should you hold the camera with right hand but just don't see why you just need a vertical power grip as you can move your left hand forward a bit to get a balance. The Sony vertical power grip doesn't add much weight anyway.

You need to re-learn the get used to the ML ergonomics really.

As I said you might be better off to stay with DSLR if you are so used to old bulky gear.

LOL, "re-learn to get used to ML ergonomics". It's more like, ML ergonomics still suck.

Your subjective opinion, not shared by everyone else. Others can say in opposite that the brick DSLR ergonomics sucks I actually don't enjoy 1D III after holding a long period of time such as in airshow events (I shots lots with the body) that big flat surface makes my palm and fingers numbed.

No need to relearn anything when I can just use a camera with good ergos

Stay with your DSLR as I suggested, enjoy. You seem having a wrong attitude, comes to argue rather asking opinions and suggestions.

I have extensive experiences of both bulky DSLRs and Sony FF bodies as shown in my Flickr photos. I carried EF 500L/4.0 IS, total 3 cameras and multiple lenses into my last Africa safari. Sure I could do again with such heavy gear. But thanks Sony for providing FF bodies that are much smaller and lighter, my next trip there will be pure Sony bodies, at least 2 bodies if not 3 bodies and they should have much less total weight/size. I have many photos from A9 and A7r-series and their ergonomics work great for me, very happy after 10-year Canon FF DSLR ownership.

Share some photos with us to let us know what kind of photos you take so we can better understand what you actually need?

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