A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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Re: A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

Iron Eagle wrote:

davelok wrote:

The answer depends a lot on if you'd be happier with the versatility of a zoom lens as compared to the weight advantage (and perhaps sharpness) of a PF prime.

It seems that you are into photographing more distant creatures, as you like the longer focal length of the Sony 200-600mm.

If you can live with the inconvenience of a prime when photographing nearby wildlife, the D850 + 500mm PF combo ought to be just right. The camera is one of the best for wildlife out there, and 20MP vs 26MP isn't much of a difference.

I do prefer the longest FL I can get, so I'm sure I'd probably like the 200-600 more. However, that combo is heavier than my D850+500PF, so I'm not gaining any weight advantage. The extra 100mm of reach is an advantage, though. I'd really like to see some comparisons between the 500PF and Sony's 200-600.

500 PF with 1.4x TC would get you to 700mm f/8. My birding companions shoot with Nikon 500mm f/4 and TC, and one of them swears by the D850. Of course, that's a combo that needs at least a monopod.

What would be really cool is if Sony made a 500 or 600PF lens of their own!

I hope that happens, and soon. I've been using a lightweight prime (400mm f/5.6) and I really wish either Canon or Sony come up with its evolution in 500mm form.

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