A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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Re: A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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I would imagine you'd like a bigger grip on the A7R4, which would eat into the weight savings a good bit. Obviously you have to balance the lens with your left hand, but I would figure balancing nearly 7lb between 2 hands for extended periods at a time would warrant a grip that's as big and comfortable as possible.

Also make sure to check the finger clearance between the lens and the grip... some folks with bigger fingers have complained about pinching with these big tele lenses.

Yes, add the battery grip and you no longer have any real weight-saving advantages.

That's the conundrum. It seems if I want the lightest weight and most reach, my best bet is still the 300PF + TC giving me 420mm. Even though my 500PF is light for a 500mm lens, it's still a bit more weight than I'd like (when paired with the D850). The Sony + 200-600 would be even heavier.

I also wonder how the Sony would be without the grip with such a large lens. I know they made the grip larger on the M4, but the overall body is still quite small to use with a monster lens.

Gripping is something over-exaggerated by some as if you mounted a long lens you must have a huge and long grip, that is kind of myth.


Check in above video Mark Galer hand-held FE 400/2.8 GM (that actually is not very heavy) on A9 , appear no grip but just a kind of tripod plate attached on bottom of A9. You'd need the left hand to hold the lens anyway regardless vertical grip or not.

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