A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

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Re: A7R IV as wildlife camera to save weight?

Iron Eagle wrote:

Let me start out by saying my current wildlife rig is a D850 with mainly the 500PF or 300PF + TC1.4. I'm looking to go smaller and lighter, so naturally the new Sony comes to mind.

My D850 is 1015g, and with a lens its:

  • body + 500PF = 2475g
  • body + 300PF + TC (420mm) = 1960g
  • body + 200-500 = a whopping 3980g

The A7R IV is 665g

  • body + 100-400 = 2060g
  • body + 200-600 = 2780g

So it seems that going with the 200-600 and the Sony isn't going to do much for my weight savings. In fact, the weight increase, but I also gain an extra 100mm.

The interesting thing is the 100-400. It'd be roughly the same weight as my D850 + 300PF + TC, and I'd lose 20mm (no biggie). However, since the A7R is 60 MP, I could actually crop more. A DX crop from the D850 is about 20 MP, while a DX crop on the Sony is like 26 MP, I think.

Just wondering if others have thought about this. I wonder how the 100-400 and 200-600 compare to Nikon's 500PF?

If reach is important and you mostly do birding and wildlife from distance, then FE 200-600 G is a choice.

But if you do multiple purposes such as landscape, event also etc, then FE 100-400 GM is a better choice, easier to carry with. Then 26mp APS-C mode in A7r IV is handy that makes the lens FF eq 150-600mm.

Personally I'd never interest a prime of 300mm/4.0, 400mm/5.6, 500mm/5.6 (but 600mm/F5.6 maybe interesting) as zoom 200-500 (Nikon) or 200-600 (Sony) is just much versatile although heavier. A 500/4.0 will be a very different story although further heavier and lots more expensive and work with TCs much better, that is what I am waiting to see future FE 500/4.0 GM, the best  balance between reach and size/weight in my opinion, and complement my FE 100-400 GM better (than FE 200-600 G).

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