Is Wildlife m43's future ?

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Re: Is Wildlife m43's future ?

mikero wrote:

These seems a lot of BS and unsubstantiated assertions on this thread. I'm not sure how meaningful it is to compare the shots from one photographer with one system on DPReview with shots from another photographer of different subjects with different equipment, on Fredmiranda. For a start you have no way of comparing the relative skill levels or how the different sites compress the images. I know my images always look hugely better viewed on my screen directly, than when downloaded from DPReview. What may be more useful is to compare the experiences of one photographer who has used both.

I shoot a lot of nature, and particularly birds. Until last September I was a long term Canon user, and had the latest equipment (1DXII, 500mmF4 II, 400mm F4 DOII and several other L Series lenses).

Then a year ago I decided to test the Olympus water. I liked what I saw, and in January decided to sell all my Canon kit and fully commit to Olympus. I now have the E-M1X, E-M1.2, 300mm Pro and several other lenses.

I think if you pixel peep, the Canon gear may have had the edge on IQ in some situations, but in practical terms, the difference is negligible. However the smaller, lighter kit, plus silent shutter, focus bracketing, pro capture, etc, offer possibilities for shots I couldn't easily get with Canon. Basically Olympus is more agile, easier and more pleasurable to use.

But at the end of the day, it's all about the images, and here I can offer a comparison....

Last year I went to Skomer Island to photograph Puffins. They're not the hardest birds to photograph in flight, nor are they the easiest as they are small and fast. So last year, in three days, and using my Canon kit, I ended up with 7 flight shots with which I was truly happy.

This year I went with my Olympus kit, and ended up with 23 keepers over just two days. A considerable improvement in keepers per day. I posted some of my Puffin flight shots from this year's trip here.

And with my recent acquisition of the Olympus 60mm macro, I've also discovered how useful the system is for shots of insects and spiders in the wild, using focus bracketing. I couldn't do this with my Canon kit. I posted some of the shots here.


Thanks Mike.

Your experience mirrors exactly what I meant in my post, so I'm happy not to be completely off base

I think Olympus saw this potential, so they released the E-M1X before the EM5 MKiii. (which is in a very crowded and highly competitive segment).

It's probably easier to market the EM1X against two concurrents (Canon 1Dx and Nikon Dx) rather marketing the  the EM5 MkII against many concurrents (Fuji XT and XE, Canon EOS M, Sony A6xxx, Sony A7x, Panasonic GX)

Have a good day!

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