90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: Card failure

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So far, we’ve had a 50D fail twice with shutter failure, a 7D with shutter failure, a 7D2 with secondary mirror failure (it got a new shutter), a 35-350 that has locked up, and another 35-350 failed this year with an error at certain focal lengths. And a Sigma 24-70 that managed to fail with two different issues within 48 hours years ago.

That said, the first failed (and repaired) 7D2 is now at about 1.1m actuations today, with a global count of about 2.1-2.2m, and we have one 7D2 at 1.6m without a single failure but it’s backup is ready in my bag.

So it’s swings and roundabouts with reliability.

Wow! I thought I had one of the longest lived 7DMKII with 390 K shutter clicks. It's not given me any trouble but because the shutter is rated for only 200 K clicks, I recently bought a new one because of some photography trips and I didn't want it to fail and have been using my old one as back up. I think I'm going to pass on the 90D and wait to see what Canon has to offer next Spring before making any final decision about what to do. I still plan to use a crop sensor for wildlife because of the ability to have the superb EF 100-400 II shoot at an effective 160-640 mm range which is perfect for me and is about the heaviest lens I can manage in a backpack full of gear.


Yes, I never meet a hiker with a 500/600 mm prime. They are always 'at home'

Just returned from a week hiking with my 7DII, 100-400 II, 16-35 L, lots of filters (10 Lee GND) and heavy Leica 10x42 binos.

Ok, you can carry more but the most important question is: do you hike shorter distances because of your gear?

This is very true, as a hiker and cyclist that loves to photograph birds, I put my 500mm and 560mm lens behind me and got the Canon 400DOII. I would have gotten to the point where I would just leave the lens at home otherwise... The 400DOII is júst at the right side of things for me (not only weight but also size).

Ah, also from the Netherlands 

The 400 DO II is an interesting option for 'moving' bird photographers.

Until recently, I was hoping for a Canon 500 f5.6, like Nikon has, but I doubt it will ever come. However, 400 mm is enough for me, especially when a 7 D III arrives with more megapixels than the Mk II.

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