Travel Lens suggestions for A6400

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Re: Travel Lens suggestions for A6400

ikkysleepy wrote:

Hi everyone, I am unsure of what travel lens to get and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I like to shoot my kid and take portraits and also like to travel. I have the A6400 and love the auto focus. I got the Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS as my kit lens and I been really happy with it. I purchased the 50 mm and the shots are great and sharp and great for low light situations but the I been in several situations where 50mm was just too close; the situations are parties and taking pictures of a group in low light. I took some shots at different focal lengths and I think even at 35 mm it might be too close, but then again most of the photos I have taken have been around 35 mm. I thought ideally I would want a fast pancake like style lens with OSS but it looks like you have to pick what you want: cheap / fast lens / oss but not all 3. I want a travel lense that is good for low light and portraits but maybe this is two lenses. I am not sure how much OSS matters on prime lenses on my A6400 which has no IBIS. Here is the list of lenses I am thinking and notes:

  • Sony E 35mm (53.5 mm) f/1.8 OSS ($423 new)
    • Great for Portraits and low light
    • I think maybe still too close for travel? I am assuming this is one step closer than 50 mm.
  • Sony FE 28mm (42.4 mm) f/2 with OSS ($448 new)
    • Good for travel and street photos and great for low light
    • I am assuming 28 mm will mean 1 1/2 steps closer than my 50 mm.
    • Future proof because it's FE lens
  • Sony E 20mm (30.6 mm) f/2.8 Lens with NO OSS ($298 new)
    • Seems great for travel and street photos
    • Worried about not having OSS
  • Tamron unreleased 24/30mm (36.7/45.9mm) f2.8 with NO OSS but cheaper than the sony
    • Seems great for travel and street photos
    • Worried about not having OSS
    • Probably going to be sharper than then Sony

There are other lenses like the Sigma 30 mm f/1.4 but the motor noise is just going to annoy me. I also don't want any manual focus lens either.

Right now I am leaning towards the Sony FE 28 mm or waiting for the Tamron lens that is coming out later this year. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Right now I am still a noob and learning and am not sure if this is the route to go or if getting a Tamron 16-28 mm would be a much better investment because the glasses is better?


Great post mate. I've been having the same musings/thoughts/quandaries since picking up the A6400 today. Although I haven't got the 18-135mm (yet) but got the 16-50mm cheap (A$169).

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