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Re: Ultimate zoom: E 16-55 F2.8G

ijustloveshooting wrote:

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ijustloveshooting wrote:

By pixelpeeping a lot of full size samples posted on the net, this zoom has even better corner sharpness than most of the primes...I'm totally shocked by the consistent sharpness at all frame, at all FL's...This lens is definitely better than GM zoom full frame one. Also colors are punch as hell...A terrific job done by sony.

Had that lens been available 5 years ago, I probably wouldn't have purchased anything FF. I'm quite curious how that lens on an A6600 performs compared to the A7iii / 24-105G combo. For the price, Sony should have included OSS though.

E1655 is clearly better.even the extreme corners are tack sharp, sharper than most of the primes.unbelievably superb lens they looking for a landscape for my a7ii but this lens forces me to switch to apsc.

My Batis 25 is a bit sharper in the corners than my 24-105 at 24mm, but overall, the zoom is an exceptional performer throughout the whole range. I've seen comparsion samples vs the GM24 at f/8 where both look equal in the corners.

Do you have a link to those 16-55 samples (or even better, some comparing to the 24-105G)?

I wasn't planning on going back to just APS-C, but I'll eventually want to upgrade from the A7ii (probably to a mk4 when that is out for a year...).

The advantage of A6600 + 16-55 is the smaller and lighter package. Although I assume the next A7 will probably be in the 30+MP range and have more DR than the A6600.

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