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Re: Vampire lenses

As a general rule of thumb, enlarger lenses are optimized to work a flat-to-flat. In other words a flat negative and project it on a flat piece of photo paper. A camera lens, in most cases is optimized to work a curved world (objects at different distances) and project an image onto a flat surface such as film or digital sensor.

In most cases, an enlarger lens is challenged when tasked to work curved world to flat. However, some enlarger lenses will do a bang-up job as a camera lens. Some camera lenses are optimized to work flat-to-flat. These are called process lenses. A macro lens is usually optimized to work flat-to-flat because most close-up subjects are very shallow like stamps and coins. A macro may be challenged when tasked to work curved subjects.

Some camera lenses make excellent enlarger lenses. Sometimes, even when a lens is working outside its designs, it makes satisfactory images. Sometimes the observer can't see when a lens is compromised.

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