Stick with the D500 - DX for Landscapes

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Re: Stick with the D500 - DX for Landscapes

I have thought about upgrading from my D500 for landscape also. I am very happy with the D500 output so to significantly move the dial I think I would have to move to the D850 or Z7 to up the resolution. Bearing in mind that in doing so I would also need to buy some full frame lenses. Portability would be an issue for me.

My opinion is also that the Z6 would get me only minimal improvement for landscape photography from a tripod, as others have stated, so I have ruled it out.

I do not have a need to make large prints. In the past I have printed D70 files at 24x16 for public display and received great feedback, I know things have moved on since those days but I also recognize that spending another $6+k (CAD) (e.g Z7, 24-70 f4, 14-30 f4) just to able to print larger than this can't be justified my me, in my head, especially since these days my work is mostly displayed on the web or printed at 18x12.

I think I am going to be "stuck" with the D500 for some time unless my heart over-rules my head at some point!

Hope my thought process helps yours!


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