At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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I can understand processing images on a machine to have print ready images because although on a much much smaller scale I do that. But presumably you have to have all as web sized images and actually upload them to your web server daily also?

Have you found some automation for that step - getting the images from your pc to the web and ecommerce package all labelled up if they need that?


Everything we’ve done was written by us, both myself and my wife have a past life in IT. So everything from pulling from the card to publishing on the website has now been reduced to one operation and 4 questions that the system will prompt you for, and even those 4 questions today are defaulted answers. The 4 questions are essentially parameters, eg are we publishing 10 or 30 minute galleries on the website (zero gallery option will be added next month), multiple cards, whether a delay is required for processing (this is important if you have one card (camera or event) that needs priority over everything else, but still want to load up multiple jobs), and of course date.

Aha, cool, if you write it yourself you can have the functionality you want. I get that having done something slightly similar with db driven websites some years ago.

I don't know what a 30 minute gallery is though


We divide an event into time segments, usually 30 mins. People then trawl through a few hundred photos to find themselves (which they do). They can then buy or not from there.

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