Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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It's a reason I've avoided units like a Drobo for years. For my business stuff, I put in a software linux RAID5 system that can simply be booted up on another linux system. Slower for sure, but less for me to worry about.

So you use the Linux mdadm command to set up software RAID? So if the system fails, you could move disks to a new Linux system.

Yes, and it has worked when I lost a drive.   It's also worked when moving an array to a different linux version. (I'm using SLES on some, FreeNAS also, which is really BSD I guess.

The point being I've been afraid of hardware dependency, and I've seen people burned by it before.   I'm worried to the extent I would not feel comfortable unless I had a second hardware unit of the same type and revision to be used in case the first one fails.  (Second one could be used at the same time, but with the idea of swapping in drives from the failed one in an emergency.)

RAID-10 might allow you to read individual disks as an EXT4 filesystem, whereas RAID-5 would be striped across disks and require software RAID capability.

I use RAID5 for one main reason - I can lose a single drive and still retain data.   I also have the maximum efficiency.   I don't like the cost of RAID10, particularly in a 4-disk array.

Lately I just had to have (much) more capacity, and I broke down and bought a QNAP NAS. But I later bought a second one to back up the critical (photo) files on it each night...

Maybe I'm mixing up QNAP and Synology, but at least one of them uses EXT4.

Probably both.  I've worked on both.  One of my clients bought a large Synology box to be used as an iSCSI target in a datacenter, and filled it with 4 terabyte SSDs for caching and 8 10-terabyte HDDs in a RAID array for a total of about 67TB of space.

My own main QNAP holds 27TB, and my backup QNAP holds another 6tb of selected backups.

The backup QNAP drives?  Taken from a hardware RAID5 array that only worked with Windows7.   When I tried upgrading that PC to Win 10, the array lost all data.   Eventually I bought the second QNAP and moved the drives into it and reformatted all.

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