Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection


It's a reason I've avoided units like a Drobo for years. For my business stuff, I put in a software linux RAID5 system that can simply be booted up on another linux system. Slower for sure, but less for me to worry about.

So you use the Linux mdadm command to set up software RAID? So if the system fails, you could move disks to a new Linux system.

RAID-10 might allow you to read individual disks as an EXT4 filesystem, whereas RAID-5 would be striped across disks and require software RAID capability.

Lately I just had to have (much) more capacity, and I broke down and bought a QNAP NAS. But I later bought a second one to back up the critical (photo) files on it each night...

Maybe I'm mixing up QNAP and Synology, but at least one of them uses EXT4.

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