Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

NilsDecker wrote:

I have 4x4tb. Would you recommend RAID 5 or 6 in that case? 4TB IronWolf 5900 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS to be precise which seems to be what you recommend in your next comment?

with 4 drives, I'd use raid 10 over 6.   Same resulting storage, much simpler recovery from a drive failure - simple mirroring.

So with a 4 drive NAS, that's the choice.  I don't want R5 unless it is the backup of a primary.  But if you get a bigger unit, and I think you should, then you have that option.  You should be looking at the 8 bay units, or potentially the 5 + 4 (2.5") units, so some can be on SSD.   And definitely 10g.   You're pushing a lot of bytes.

As for your massive catalog, how many of the 700k are you highly likely to access in the near term?   I think you would do well to have multiple catalogs.

2019 could be one.   Stuff you shot this year and are very likely to access.  And then the grand enchilada catalog - everything.

Alternatively, could break up the 700k into a few large chunks.

Fortunately- for the filesystem, 700k isn't a big deal.   Just so long as they're not all in the top level directory.   More than 10k in a single directory leads towards perf hits for most file system types.  Directories are also your friend from an organizational standpoint.  Don't rely on the LR catalog (or similar) to be the only structure.   Harder to change down the road.

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