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lokatz wrote:

khunpapa wrote:

If I were you, I'd try the second hand Nikon 1 (& adapter) first. With it your (100-)400 would behave like the 1000mm. Better image quality than Pxxx.

You'll have the AF problem. The Nik1 & F lens quarrel to each other since Nik1 is born til the day it dies. The 1000mm EFL also has a lot of AF problem in itself too, same as the other ultra-long telephotos. The unperceptable movement may cause the lens aiming point move 2-3 inches away.

For my part, I can only say: been there, done that, didn't like the results. I had a J5 and still have a V3. Put both of them on the Sigma lens, which looks a bit silly but works (see image).

Problem is, for small birds, which the OP is looking to shoot, focusing this combo is a nightmare. The body is way too light for the lens, so the combo is very front-heavy. Getting the bird in focus before it is gone became fiendishly difficult. When it works, the results can be surprisingly good (see example). I even took this combo along on an international trip, but I kept missing so many shots I eventually gave up on the combo.

Similar experience here with the Pentax Q.  Great detail when it happens, but operating the system is full of inconveniences, like a slow rolling electronic shutter (a leaf shutter adapter would be useful), manual focus needed and hard to look at in the small LCD, especially outdoors, and the camera and buttons are so small compared to the lenses used.

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