TG microscope mode limitations?

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Re: TG microscope mode limitations?

SirLataxe wrote:

Thanks for that useful info; and for those fine macro shots.

I also discovered a bit of useful info in the PR blurb issued by Olympus for the TG-6, concerning the focussing when in focus stacking or focus bracketing modes:

"Focus stacking mode captures multiple shots while automatically shifting the focus from the foreground to the background.

With a single shot, this function [focus bracketing] captures up to 30 images while shifting the focus from the foreground to the background".

So, in both modes, the best technique will be to make sure the half-press of the button gets initial focus of the wee square on the bit of the subject that's closest to the lens. I'll be using the focus bracketing mode in preference, as this seems to be the mode that allows use of RAW in the TG-6, as you mention. Photoshop tools for resolving a group of focus bracket shots into one deep-DoF pic via layers are quick and effective. RAW will give loadsa editing scope.

You might not give up on stacking though.  The nice thing about the TG-6 is you can control the stack depth.  So shoot for say 3-4 frames on a moving insect or on a windy day...but go for say 10 frames when you have a still subject.

I notice that the TG-6 also has a larger microscope magnification mode (44X max as opposed to the TG-4's 11X). The claim is that this captures details that the human eye alone can't resolve! A true microscope, then.

Kind of...It's my understanding that the TG series only has 4x optical zoom and any larger microscope magnification is just digital cropping.  That's not the worse digital cropping can help with focus and metering...but...those big digital zoom images will look a bit blocky.

Perhaps Olympus will also have got rid of the lens' inclination to paint a purple splotch on the pic when certain lighting conditions are encountered?

No that still happens.   But I don't think as often.  I only get the purple orb in dark situation with off axis light, when at max zoom and if the very center portion of the frame is very dark.  It does happen in macro...but...  The flash seems to always kill the purple orb and you can easily see the purple orb now in the newer view finder so you can easily recompose or use a flash.  It does happen occasionally in low light macro at max zoom...but again the flash cures this.

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